The Diamond

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The Diamond or Not So Famous Detectives (live escape room)

A Romanian art gallery is displaying for the first time an amazing piece, called “ONE WORLD” – one of the world famous diamonds “Koh I Noor”, exposed in the hands of a majestic golden Buddha statuette, as a symbol of one world – material and spiritual – coming together.

World’s most famous detectives & specialists – Sherlock, Jane, Lightman, Clouseau & Langdon were called to assess the security of the gallery.

Unfortunately, as soon as they got there, the power went out and the diamond has disappeared. They are now in police custody giving their statements. We believe they have been framed and have sent an agent there to investigate further. He’ll need all the help he can get

You – The Not So Famous Detectives (yet :P) – have one simple mission: help our agent find the diamond and save the famous detectives.

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