The Decoders


The DECODERS – live online spy quest

The world is in danger!

A secret agency dealing with sensitive information and cyber data named K.A.I.S.E.R. is influencing the world as we know it.

Our annalists are working around the clock to find any trace of them and their base of operation, leaving us with little time to decipher and interpret all the gathered information.

We need your help in protecting the world as we know it. Decode the messages and help us find their cover-up base of operations before it’s too late.
We have set up a secure platform where you can contact our most capable field agents, as well as our support team.

Good luck Agents!

Game time: 75 – 90 minutes. up to you 😉

Ps. For a successful LIVE field mission, you’ll have by your team our best people:
* the agency leader: in charge of instructions & recognition
* your general handler: always willing to guide & assist you
* your mission handler:  your eyes, and ears in the field
and maybe some others…

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October 2020
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