Your Benefits

Brought to you by a group of Escape Room Owners & Designers.

Substantial financial returns

• Low outlay and fast ROI potential – the initial fee is very low!
• Very high profit potential – great margins
• Multiple revenue streams – room games, corporate events, parties and more...
• Very low running costs

Very easy to implement

• Turn-key blue-printed easy operation – our experience is handed to you
• Absolutely all included - game design, website and reservations management, logo, personnel training
• Full support provided – set up, training, game design, systems and ongoing support

Fun, Unique and Growing Rapidly

• It’s fun – customers love the challenge and excitement
• Very high levels of customer satisfaction (per feedback and reviews)
• It’s unique – move into something totally exciting and new
• "Tough times" proof – people will always need entertainment and love games


We are Escape Rooms Owners (and Enthusiasts) and we offer LIVE, PROVEN & TESTED escape room solutions - from a turnkey business franchise to just game design, that we can tailor for your needs. We have a mix of interesting backgrounds & jobs that we did before this amazing business: corporate country manager, engineer, communication, sales, entrepreneur, game developer & tester, psychology and personal development, team management and more.


We have different modular packages, but mostly we believe in one size fits one size! Contact us in order to design together a tailored solution and exceed your needs and expectations.

Key design features

The main business advantages are pretty obvious: a turnkey tested and proven solution, high ROI, small investment fees, a fast and easy implementation with absolutely all included, a great industry etc. At our core are the game designs, where we have a large variety of themes - like detective, spies, historical, secret societies etc and different setups like with or without locks, 60/90 minutes long etc. We provide comprehensive documentation - walk-through / video walk-through / all video, audio, pictures etc. We offer complete support 24/7 from design till successful implementation. Being ourselves owners we offer also what we search for our rooms - values like this: some kind of guarantee (proven by clients), implementation - relatively easy, good costs, viable in real life, tested in real life, support 24/7, ability to change the designs based on local inputs etc. You can enjoy our games in multiple locations and countries. Let the games begin!

Let us help you in being a more successful entrepreneur